Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors

A little more about uPVC…

Since the 1950’s, uPVC windows have been used across Europe. With their superior insulation, life-span, and security over traditional Wood or Aluminium windows, uPVC have been the industry standard of windows doors.

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Low Maintenance

White or coloured uPVC window frames by Europe's leading uPVC manufacturer, Deceuninck, don't need painting or sealing, significantly reducing maintenance over their life time. They are easily cleaned with soapy water and enables for peace of mind when renting out a property.

Tough and Durable

Our uPVC windows are very durable. uPVC is a proven material used in water and sewer pipes for at least 100 years. Vinyl windows are so durable that the vast majority of them installed over the past 25 years are still in use. Europvc manufacture and supply high quality uPVC windows and doors that have been tested for ultra violet resistance to ensure they won't fade in the harsh tropical sun.

Rot Resistant

Europvc Windows will not rot and are resistant to corrosion making it the perfect ally in sea side environments where there is a lot of salt in the air..

Thermal Comfort

Unlike metals, uPVC is non-conductive, meaning its use in window frames does not transfer heat and therefore contributes to a more consistent internal temperature in a building. Our uPVC profiles are extruded with insulating chambers to reduce heat transfer. The combination of uPVC frames and double glazing makes for highly energy efficient windows and doors. Our uPVC windows act as insulation – keeping the cold air in and the warm air out.

Openable Tilt and Turn

Europvc window systems allow opening in two directions to enhance the ability of taking advantage of natural, cross ventilation. The window till inwards for a small air flow or opens on its side for full flow.

Acoustic Insulation

Double-glazed uPVC windows and doors are able to cut down noise by as much as 80%.

Resistant to Salt Erosion

Europvc windows and doors are resistant to corrosion caused by salt-laden air making them ideal for coastal properties.

High Security

Europvc windows incorporate 2,3 or 4point multi locking systems, providing a high level of security for homes or businesses.


Our uPVC profiles can be recycled as often as 10 times. Where they have been commonly used for the past 30 years, such as in Europe, uPVC windows and doors can be, and are, recycled at the end of life.


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