uPVC Systems

Systems from one of the world's best suppliers Deceuninck of Belguim

For many years, uPVC windows and doors have been a popular choice for the European market. They stand up to all weather conditions, offer superior security and excellent insulation benefits, all of which is now getting noticed by many Asian countries, including Thailand.

Europvc has partnered with one of the world's leading suppliers Deceuninck which means we can offer uPVC windows and doors that have passed climate tests and comply with European standards for customers here in Thailand. With a life expectancy of more than 30 years, quality uPVC is a long-term investment that provides your family with security, reduces your monthly energy bills, cuts down outside noise and increases the value of your property.

We have a range of uPVC profile systems to suit all property types, including condominiums, houses, offices and commercial building.



Everest Max casement system

Everest Max casement system.

Our Casement System is our most superior system and offers the very best security, sound and weather insulation and protection. This system is versatile and provides a double rubber gasket seal. When the system is locked down, it compresses the sash into the frame to ensure maximum protection from the elements which in turn, makes your home more secure, better insulated and quieter even with a single glass. When paired with double glazing, then the results are excellent.



Bella and Surme Sliding systems

Bella and Surme Sliding systems

Deceuninck's uPVC sliding systems are very different in comparison to the typical sliding windows and doors you find here in Thailand. The sliding systems that we offer to our customers feature interlocks and anti-lift. The interlock stops someone from merely pulling the sashes apart and manipulating the handle to unlock the window, and the anti-lift stops someone lifting the sash off its rail to gain entry.

The Bella sliding system can is used for both windows and doors up to a maximum size. At that maximum size, the Surme system can take over. However, some customers prefer to use the Surme for both windows and doors as they prefer the more substantial dimensions that this system has to offer.

The advantage of sliding systems is of course space-saving, and they can also span huge openings, especially when incorporating a triple track system which both of the systems can accommodate.



New Mono-rail sliding system

New Mono-rail sliding system

The new Mono-rail system is an excellent choice as it offers a larger viewing area, and the system has a much better seal compared to a standard sliding system. Insulation and noise reduction are far better with this system when compared to a standard sliding system. You will notice from the picture that the outer track is enclosed which cuts down the noise and gives the system a clean finish and eliminates what some would say, is a dirt-trap the outer track and channel.



Lift and Slide System

Lift and Slide System.

This sliding system gives you the best of both systems, a double rubber gasket seal while at the same time, saves space. Another significant benefit this system has to offer is the panel size; it will accommodate a height of 3 meters by a width of 3 meters and operated with a single finger, how you may ask. The reason why it's so easy to slide is down to some clever mechanics and a geared handle that takes away any effort on the part of the user.

If you have a fantastic view that you don't want to obstruct then the lift and slide system is the system you need.

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