Mono Rail System

The Mono-Rail Budget uPVC Window System

Our Mono-Rail System is excellent for single slide windows and doors. With one fixed sash and 1 sliding sash, the Mono-Rail System is a great choice for condominiums and windows that don't require both sashes to slide. By fixing one panel, the Mono-Rail system requires less profile than the Multi-Slide system and therefor offers a wider glass area, for exceptional views and minimal materials.

Mono-Rail System Advantages;

Glass thickness up to 8 mm Unique sliding window solution with fixed and movable parts Exchangeable gaskets Wide range of accessories due to standardised 60 mm frame system Integrated uPVC interlock guarantees perfect tightness Fanlights and different



What are the Benefits of the Mono-Rail System

If you are looking to replace old aluminium windows in your condominium or home, the mono-rail system is an excellent choice and has many great benefits to offer. Apart from its relatively cheap cost, Its a very neat and tidy sliding system that allows for a large viewing pane and functional sliding sash of 50% opening. The mono-rail system works perfectly with the concertina fly screen making a seamless sliding window.

Top of the list of benefits are;




The mono-rail system may not be the best for security purposes but most certainly offers a much higher level of security over traditional aluminium sliding windows. The The mono-rail window only has one sliding sash – the rest of the window is fixed tight and the sliding sash comes complete with multipoint locking – reducing the opportunities for break ins.



Sound Insulation

The 50% fixed frame means that the mono-rail system has a much tighter – rubber seal across 50% of the opening, as apposes the the traditional sliding window which has 2 sashes and relies on a brush seal all the way around. Its not perfect but the mono-rail system can block out up to 60% of outside noise pollution. When coupled with 8.38mm laminated Glass, the mono-rail system handles sound and security very well.



Weather Resistance

As with all sliding window systems, the multi chamber profile extrusions means that water penetration can be controlled and directed. Carefully placed drainage slot keep excess rain flowing away from the inside, meaning water cannot get into the building.. All of our profiles have been extensively tested in stressful environments to ensure that the colour and shape remain exactly as the day they were made, under warranty for 15 years.

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